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In our minds, Greenland is associated with ice, snow and winter romantics, it is a place where man and the animal fight together against the cold. Sledge dogs, icebergs, infinite plains and unconquered nature, that is how we imagine Greenland.

The reality is different, there is approximately 21 000 sledge dogs, the so called Greenland-dogs, that live in terrible conditions. They spend their short lives in cages, barely getting basic supplies as water, or food, human attention is missing completely. Lot of them die chained, puppies freeze on the cold ground – the Greenland-dogs suffer and die unnoticed.

In August 2007 I was in Greenland and I asked the local vet for help. The 21 000 sledge dogs in Greenland are not well of at all. And I do not mean the hard weather conditions dogs in Greenland are used to. I do not mean being kept in chains. I am talking about the terrible neglect. In summer, most of the dogs get way too little water, almost no food and the chains are often so tangled up that mother dogs can’t even feed their puppies. Although it is required by law, the puppies are not being placed in covered shelters.

There wereonly two vets available for the whole group of 21 000 sledge dogs, considering the size of Greenland it is easy to imagine how often the controls are being done. As a result of climate change and the crisis in general, the dogs are being used as sledge dogs less and less and they are literally wasted.

Robin Hood wants to help these dogs and has prepared a unique project to do so. The young Inuits should learn at school what are the needs of dogs. Special educational videos have been shot for this purpose. Also a small facility should be built, to provide first aid to sledge dogs with no owner, because they would otherwise be shot immediately. The young Inuits will have the opportunity to learn what the veterinary profession is about and to learn how to care about the dogs properly. This can increase their chances to get a job in the future.

Robin Hood was on the spot in June 2012, we could finally establish the necessary contacts, so there is light in the end of the tunnel.

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Good news!

The impossible has become a reality – since 2007, I’m fighting for a better fate for the sled dogs in Greenland, almost hopeless. Many advised me to give up, but I did not listen to them … Now a unique project a reality, we are working with the unemployed in East Greenland Inuit huts for the dogs, which are delivered to a token amount to the dog’s owner – funded by Robin Hood . And – there are better collars are produced which no longer grow … and we will have a device for drying fish build for the summer, so the fish are kept for the dogs … and meat from the slaughterhouse shall be brought from West Greenland … we currently … finally it is true … a better future for the dogs in Greenland, but also for young people without prospects.

Another aim will be to install mobile water tanks to each dog pack…and a veterinary nurse is employed for the dogs health and condition.

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