There is just one way to save Romania’s stray dogs …

Quite recently, in Romania a little boy was robbed of his life in a tragical accident. In a case full of dubious traces, it is still uncertain how that came about, and whether dogs were involved at all. Sadly, what is certain is that the Romanian government holds each and every stray dog accountable, scapegoats the entire stray population.

Yet, the only sustainable solution to the stay dog issue is as simple as obvious: TNR – trap, neuter and release (on the spot where the animal was caught). Needless to say, that these TNR projects have to be set up on a large scale. Altough many animal welfare organizations – from Romania and abroad – are offering their know-how and help, the authorities decline. For years, most efforts have been thwarted, and now the government even is turning to lethal cleansing actions.

Let us together urge the Romanian government to drop these lethal measures for good. Killing strays must not be the answer! Please, send a message of disapproval to Traian Basescu, the Romanian president, and to the Romanian embassies in Vienna, Berlin and Bern.

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sue sexton writer col. city, US
Olga Troyan Working as an electrical engineer Taraz, KZ
Mel Tzitzileri worker São Paulo, BR
ekaterini tsalapata volunteer for stray animals VOLOS, GR
Christine Stewart Veterinarian Escondido, US Please have mercy on the stray animals and do not let people poison or treat them in cruel ways.
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