Stop hunting of wolves in Sweden!

NaturvårdsverketThis text is automatically sent to the Swedish Minister for the Environment, Lena Ek and to the Swedish Embassy in Washington DC/USA, London/GB and Canberra/Australia.


Thank you!

No illegal hunting of wolves in Sweden!

Susi has to live!

Dear Mrs. Lena Ek,
dear Department for Environment,
dear Embassador,

Hunting of wolves is illegal in Sweden! This ban was lifted again and again, but valid now!
Nevertheless, in Junsele, Sweden is a wolf pair is hunted – with helicopters and snowmobiles.
The spouse was shot dead, his partner Susie is still alive – running for live.As a signatory I ask of you as a representative of the country Sweden immediate stop this bloody hunt.
I further urge you to pass these protests to your local Minister for Environment, Lena Ek, to stop the cruel hunting now and for future!
Do not let this cruel hunt of wolves continues.

Thank you!

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