Good news

We were successful!

Dogs get huts  – a wonderful project has started!

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The time is almost up, we are ready to start our project to help the dogs. Please, support us with your signature, so that we can begin as soon as possible!

What we did – we wrote to any important politicians...

We will contact all the ministers, that have anything to do with the well being of the sledge dogs:

Minister of Agriculture
Minister of Industry
Minister of Social Affairs
Minister of Healthcare
Minister of Education and Culture
Minister of Environment

Signatures English petition:1591
Signatures German petition:7381
All signatures:8972

Signatures collected: 1591

Company Name and last name Occupation City Comment
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rupp brigitte Saarbrücken
rupp brigitte Saarbrücken
rupp brigitte Saarbrücken
rupp brigitte Saarbrücken
rupp brigitte Saarbrücken

Dear Minister Hansen,
Dear Minister Abelsen,
Dear Minister Fontain,
Dear Minister Karlsen,
Dear Minister Frederiksen,
Dear Minister Berthelsen,

as we have experienced, the life of sledge dogs in Greenland has not improved yet. The dogs must be provided water, food and shelter!

Robin Hood has developed a reasonable project, that can help the sledge dogs and also young people who otherwise have little future in Greenland. Please support this project, give us your approval and help Robin Hood with implementation.

We want to build a small facility for sledge dogs, where young people could find employment opportunities. This facility will serve as pilot project, Robin Hood will do everything to expand it throughout Greenland.

Then we’ll be more than happy to recommend Greenland as an innovative and wonderful vacations destination.

With best regards,



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